Year after year, our school systems in Incline Village Crystal Bay continue to take top honors - and with good reason.  They are supported by a caring, active, and very giving community that focuses on our children’s future.   Mirroring a ‘college-town’ perception, it is all about supporting the kids in our community.  No matter what time of the year it may be, there is always a fund-raiser underway – and all are family friendly events!

Thanks to our small year-round population, our pre-school and K-12 enrollments allow for smaller classes and individual attention from our award-winning teachers.  Within Nevada’s rankings, Incline High School is listed within the “Top10 Best Public Schools.”

We are fortunate to have a selection of charter schools and a private school as well that is praised by their peers for their dedication to creativity, nurturing disciplined minds, and creative spirits.

Home schooling is also a popular option – especially for families who choose to travel or invest in their children’s passion for sports.  In fact, many of the athletes on the US Ski Team took their first runs on our local slopes.

After graduating within our K-12 system, our youth have the option to attend our nationally accredited university that is ready to welcome them to life-changing learning through four core disciplines:  Entrepreneurial Thinking, Professional Preparedness, Liberal Arts, and Sustainability.

Unlike city life, our quaint community is wrapped with endless opportunities for our children to enjoy the great outdoors while participating in hands-on environmental and sports programs. Thanks to the assistance of our significant volunteer base and private funding, The Duffield Youth Center, Homework Help club, IVGID  programs, as well as others, keep our children engaged and advancing in their various studies. 

Adult Education

Incline Village is the home of Sierra Nevada University, the only private undergraduate school in Nevada. While many local students attend, it also attracts students from Scandinavia to Asia. Its winter sports teams are world famous. SNU partners with our schools and offers our community adult education, particularly through the Holman Arts Center.