So much history. So much charm.

Located on the pristine North Shore of Lake Tahoe in the state of Nevada, Incline Village, and its neighbor Crystal Bay offer some of the most diverse options for living the good life, every day.

Established in 1882, we have come a long way since its logging days that contributed to the boom of the Comstock Lode. Back in the day, the Sierra Nevada Wood and Lumber Company operated throughout what we know as our ‘town’ and was responsible for naming Incline Village after “Incline Railway.”

Fast forward to today where that “Great Flume” (that launched the lumber over the hill to Carson City) and miles of logging trails are just the beginning of what locals call ‘one of America’s greatest backyards.” Statistically, Incline Village is 21 square miles yet for those who have lived here a long time, you would not think so. Our community defines the word “neighborhood’ where friendships are made and kids grow up together throughout their formative years.

The press has often compared our location and amenities as a “country club living in a public community.” We are actually a rural unincorporated mountain community with water, sewer, trash utilities and an impressive list of recreation facilities are provided by the Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID). This ‘quasi-municipality’ mirrors an official ‘town administration’ yet we have no Mayor and are guided by an elected Board of Trustees. Other services are provided by Washoe County.

Most of the facilities that one needs to live a healthy life are within a five-mile radius. With a top-rated hospital, emergency services, wellness and healthcare businesses, you don’t need to drive far for professional care. There are several shopping centers as well that offer everything you need to live a well-balanced life.

Back to the ‘charm’ aspect. It is a place where you can choose to be seen, or not. Where you volunteer (which most do) or not. And a place you can call home year-round or invest in a property to visit throughout our colorful seasons and share with generations to come.

Be it winter, spring, summer, or fall, Mother Nature beckons us all to take advantage of our community and its recreational assets that are wrapped within the heart of the High Sierra. From the top of Diamond Peak to the links of two award-winning golf courses, through fitness trails and hundreds of recreation programs, to our private pristine beaches, there is an impressive list of first-class facilities that are operated through IVGID and all available for our residents and their guests to enjoy at reduced rates.

Crystal Bay sits just west of Incline Village on the Nevada state line. Although it is a very small community with a one-mile radius, it welcomes millions of visitors every year who come from the west to explore our special spot on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. It is also known as the pulse of our amusement center with several casinos offering that famous ‘Nevada-style’ entertainment.

From young families who seek a healthy and safe haven to raise their family, to active seniors who just will not quit, there’s something for everyone in Incline Village and Crystal Bay.


Throughout Incline Village and Crystal Bay area are residents who appreciate the ability to live and work within a diverse environment backed by professional high-quality support agencies. 


The Incline Village General Improvement District, commonly referred to as IVGID, is a fiscally responsible community partner which provides superior utility services and community-oriented recreation programs and facilities. 

It is a quasi-public agency established under Nevada Revised Statute, Chapter 318 and is governed by an elected Board of Trustees which, acting on behalf of the electorate, sets policy and determines strategies for accomplishing its charter.

With a passion for quality of life and our environment, IVGID strives to continually enhance the reputation of our community as an excellent place to live, work, recreate, visit, and invest.

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Washoe County

Both Incline Village and Crystal Bay, NV, are located within Washoe County, the entity that had the authority to create IVGID, and they are both unincorporated areas within Washoe County.

The County is at the pulse of our health and safety and provides strong law enforcement, fire protection, and the management of our local library. In addition, they are the source for business licenses, building, land, and special event permits.

The following information is an excellent resource for the essential services that are provided to property owners and visitors throughout the County.

Washoe County phone numbers:

• Animal Control (Domestic)  775-328-2140
• Assessor's Office  775-328-2200
• Business Licenses  775-328-3733
• County Clerk (wedding licenses)  775-784-7260
• Environmental Department (trash on property)  775-328-2434
• Health Department  775-328-2400
• Incline Village Library  775-832-4130
• Justice Court  775-832-4100
• Land Use (zoning issues)  775-328-6100
• Recorder (real estate division)  775-328-3661
• Road Department (bike paths, snow removal, local road maintenance)  775-832-4125
• School District (main number)  775-348-0200
• Sheriff's Department (Incline substation)  775-785-9276
• Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center  775-883-5995

Community Organizations

Regionally, our community is also connected with some of the most respected organizations and agencies in the County.  Highlights follow: