During the winter and summer months, our community thrives on tourism which is our main source of economic support.  In the off-season, support is primarily from our resident base and second-home owners.

Within our year-round community are several modest commercial areas that offer a nice balance with two grocery stores, sporting goods, hardware and home furnishings, gas stations, real estate offices, and many boutique shops and salons.   

In addition, Incline Village and Crystal Bay is a magnet for world-wide virtual business operations and employment.  When you pair that flexibility to shop locally, work at home (or within our local Workspace) and raise a family or retire with our serene surroundings it makes for a delightful lifestyle.  

Our larger employers include the Incline Village General Improvement District, Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe, Washoe County Schools, and the casinos in the Crystal Bay corridor. 

Although our community is small, it has a substantial business network that supports our smaller businesses in particular.  Among the list of organized programs are the Tahoe Business Exchange, and Tahoe Regional Youth Professionals.

The newest addition to the community is the Incline Village Crystal Bay Association (IVCBA).  Its mission is to build and grow cohesiveness for the sustainability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay, NV. IVCBA is focused on organizing and promoting local businesses, non-profit organizations, and support agencies while fostering collaboration and advocacy within key segments of the community.

For a comprehensive list of businesses in Incline Village and Crystal Bay, go to our directory