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The Local Lens - Incline Justice Court

By Linda Offerdahl

If you don’t recognize Judge Alan Tiras on the cover of LIVE.WORK.PLAY., it might be a good thing. That is, you haven’t met him in the Incline Justice Court on a professional basis. However, you might know him from Raleys, your neighborhood, or from Incline High School. He has been a coach for the We The People Constitutional Debate Team ever since his own kids were in the program. The feature article in LIVE.WORK.PLAY.

Judge ALAN TIRAS Incline Village-Crystal Bay Township Justice Court

Incline Village-Crystal Bay Township Justice Court

By John Crockett

On a Wednesday morning, the Incline Village-Crystal Bay Township Justice Court has a full slate of cases.  The day’s schedule begins with Judge E. Alan Tiras working with clerks, lawyers, and the defendants before him.  And today he hears pleas and issues sentences for misdemeanors that occurred within Incline Village and Crystal Bay.   However, most of those appearing in court today are not within the township, they are before the court virtually.  


The Local Lens - Watch Your Mailbox

By Linda Offerdahl


Who is Manny Sylvester? What and where is TERC?

Who is our Nevada State Senator? Who is on the cover of the magazine?

Find the answers…and more in the latest issue of IVCBA’s magazine, LIVE.WORK.PLAY. It is distributed FREE to postal patrons. Look for it in your mail in the next week, whether you get your mail at the post office or your house. Copies can be picked up at the IVCBA office, the Mountain Workspace building at 885 Tahoe Blvd. 

IVCBA, The Local Lens - What's Happening at the Raley's Incline Center?

The Local Lens - What's Happening at the Raley's Incline Center?

By Linda Offerdahl

It’s either Raley’s or the post office…. the center of my social life, that is. COVID masks made it a little more challenging, but my red hair is unmistakable and always makes it easy to connect with people I’ve known for any length of time. OK, I make NEW friends in Raley’s, too. Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes just to get past the produce aisle! For someone who has always had “high social needs”, going to the market can be a necessity several times a week.

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Mom & Pop Stores and Services in Incline Village/Crystal Bay/Lake Tahoe Area

By Kayla Anderson1

Part of the East Shore’s charm is the abundance of mom-and-pop shops and generational family businesses* that provide essential goods and services. 

In celebration of #momandpopshop day (March 29), here are some of our favorite independently owned businesses that are worth checking out in the Incline Village/Crystal Bay area:


For Goods:

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The Local Lens

By Linda Offerdahl

Does every small town have a Crab Feed? Ours does! It is organized by the Incline High School Boosters and takes place this Saturday, March 19 at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe. It features crab and pasta, a silent and live auction upon which locals enthusiastically bid. The jazz band entertains, and seniors serve dinner in exchange for tips to fund the senior party. Tickets are sold out, an indicator of how strongly our community supports its schools. I can’t help but reminisce on the days when the parents cooked the crab and pasta…. thank you, Greg and Lisa Flanders and John Paganelli!

Kayakers drinking tahoe tap

Tahoe Fund Partners With Raley's in New Campaign Encouraging People to Drink Tahoe Tap

By Kayla Anderson1

Last December, the Tahoe Fund and Raley’s launched a new campaign with social media platform PixlBank to help promote responsible tourism and urge residents and visitors to reduce their plastic waste that ends up in the basin. It is focused on the Tahoe Fund’s “Drink Tahoe Tap” and overarching “I Love Tahoe” initiative (www.ilovetahoe.org).

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The Local Lens - Local News

By Linda Offerdahl

Full disclosure: I'm always wearing rose-colored glasses! A positive worldview IS my filter. One of the reasons we started IVCBA was to provide a local news source. The North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, the local paper for 40 years took on a revered status after it was gone. Up until 2008 or so, it was DELIVERED to our doorstep 3 times a week. It was an original news source and it covered local fundraisers, the crime log, the school honor roll, and opinions about current hot issues.

Bill Anderson Crystal Bay Development

Colorful Characters of Incline's Past: Bill Anderson

By Julie Malkin-Manning

One of the more interesting stories surrounding the creation of present day Incline Village involves the man named William A. Anderson. Bill Anderson's most lasting legacy-- and certainly one of the most visible--includes the network of streets we drive on around town. Another is the vast parking lot and the mostly hidden structures on the mountainside behind which we now know as the Ponderosa Ranch. 

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The Local Lens - Who's a Local?

By Linda Offerdahl

I started and ran a business in 2006 called Dress the Party, and it was full of “stuff” purchased from Halloween trade shows to vintage finds from thrift stores. What defines vintage? A rule of thumb is something that is three decades old. A similar rule can be applied to the definition of a local. A lot of people think a local is someone who has lived here longer than they have. For me, that is Diane and Jim Fisher and Suzanne  Schell, friends who moved here in the 1970s.  Richard and I have only been here since 1988.