By Ashleigh Easley | Wednesday, September 8, 2021
IVCBA, North Shore Circles the Wagons

The massive Caldor Fire that started just south of Grizzly Flats, CA, and continued to head east into the Tahoe Basin sent a shockwave through Big Blue and penetrated the heart of sister communities on the North Shore. With rapid succession Incline Village, Crystal Bay, and Kings Beach Communities accelerated to hyper speed to feed, clothe, shelter and otherwise assist those displaced by the wildfire raging within the basin. 


This is only the second time in Basin history a fire has burned with enough voracity to have made its way up and over the summit. Both breaches to the Basin happened this year. Deputy Secretary for Forest and Wildfire Resilience at California Natural Resources Agency, Jessica Morse, described the event in short, “It’s emotional, devastating, and personal”. It definitely felt personal. 


“It could have been North Shore, one day it might be North Shore. However, Tahoe is one large community…”  Glasses Wine Bar’s owner Kathleen McInnis-Martens’s statement summarizes the sentiments of many around the lake. Service clubs, churches, local restaurants, businesses, and family resource centers are taking action in a big way. 


Rotary of Tahoe-Incline is collaborating with Tahoe Family Solutions and Cornerstone Community Church to collect and distribute donations of gift cards and items needed. Tina Fahad is the contact person for all three entities. The next collection day is at Tahoe Family Solutions located at 797 Southwood Blvd on Sunday 9/12 from 11am-5pm. Tina is also available to answer any questions via email at ccfahad@gmail.com


Rotary Club of Tahoe-Incline is encouraging donations to the District 5190 Community Fund, a 501c3, a charitable organization that will match all donations received to their office. They have placed a call to action to those who can, to join them in their efforts to match dollar for dollar all donations received to their office. Administration costs and time are 100% sourced by Rotary to ensure 100% of their donations go to those in need. Within the group there are experienced financial and social work professionals performing extreme vetting of all relief candidates and recording the recipients. 


There has been an overwhelming response from people within the community. A few specific requests are being made. Please donate only the items that are needed. This will assist in organization, storage and distribution during this chaotic time. Please, no clothing donations. Gift cards/Cash/Check are ideal for meeting a variety of needs.

  • School supplies

  • Backpacks

  • Coloring books, markers

  • Unopened children’s toys

  • Tents

  • Folding camp chairs

  • Tarps

  • Flatware            

  • Can openers

  • Coffee machines

  • Coffee mugs

  • Sleeping bags

  • Blankets

  • Air mattresses

  • Personal hygiene items

  • Diapers, Pull-ups, wipes, formula


 You can’t look outside without realizing our home is not simply our own. The animals we share it with have been deeply impacted as well. Thanks to the Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation 29 organizations received grants totalling $1 million dollars to aid animals impacted by the fire to include domestic animals, livestock, and wildlife. Many of the recipients are volunteer-based and are tasked with sole fiduciary responsibility. 


Some of the recipients are listed below: 

North Valley Animal Disaster Group (Chico, CA)

 Hold Your Horses Livestock Emergency Evacuation Response Team (Contra, Costa, CA) 

North Bay Animal Services (Petaluma, CA) 

California Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (Sacramento, CA)

 El Dorado Search and Rescue (Placerville, CA) 

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care (South Lake Tahoe, CA) 

The Wildlife Disaster Network (Davis, CA)

South County Animal Response Team (Jackson, CA)


Rookies, Inclined Burgers, BiteTahoe, Jiffy Pizza, Bertie’s, and Jason’s on the Lake have exemplified that food truly is a love language all in itself by feeding those responding to the blaze. In addition, the generosity of the public has provided cash donations to purchase more food at a discounted rate from US Foods for the firefighters and first responders. 


Shelly Rigisich, president of Rookies, Easy Hernandez, and other employees have volunteered their time and skill in the kitchen. In an interview with IVCBA, Shelly spoke to Easy’s dedication and passion. He worked tirelessly to make sure those giving their best while risking everything get to eat the best North Shore has to offer. Rookies request donations of healthy or low sugar drinks to distribute to the crews still fighting. All donations for the first responders can be brought to their location at 930 Tahoe Blvd #1000. 


Glasses Wine Bar has dedicated 20% of all proceeds between September 7 and September 18 to be donated to the Caldor Fire Fund. If you would like to donate to the Caldor Fire Fund you may do so directly and/or join forces with one of our North Shore partners. 


Elevated Water Sports & Tahoe Decals’s very own Chris Razzo, has been bringing beauty from the ashes. South Shore local Mike Peron created a graphic to honor those impacted by the Caldor Fire and Chris has produced 3’ stickers. The standard size is 3”, while he has the ability to make custom sizes. He has dedicated 100% of all proceeds from sales of decals to go to the Caldor Fire Fund. Decals start at just $5 each. To order please contact chris@elevatedwatersports.com. Decals are available also at Around Tahoe Tours and Inclined Burgers.


Thank you for supporting the victims of the Caldor Fire through your donation to the Caldor Fire Fund. Your entire donation will go to support the families impacted by this fire. These are our friends, neighbors, and families. With your support, we can help to make a difference in the lives of those who need us now more than ever.

- Caldor Fire Fund

If your business/organization would like to share your personal efforts to assist the community please contact info@ivcba.org.

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