By Ashleigh Easley | Wednesday, April 7, 2021
IVCBA, Local Leadership Business Moves Mountains by IVCBA Reporter Zoe Tuttle

A mindful leader, as defined by the Institute for Mindful Leadership, is “someone who embodies leadership presence by cultivating focus, clarity, creativity, and compassion in the service of others.”


Move Mountains, a business in Incline Village, is focusing on the creation of mindful leaders in the North Lake Tahoe area. The business focuses on helping their clientele with professional development and coaching, while also having an emphasis on mindful leadership.


Through the business’s coaching, training, and adventures, Move Mountains helps take both individuals and groups to new levels. The curriculum that this local business uses, which took several years to develop, uses practices such as guided meditation as well as active group activities like hikes or kayaking in the outdoors.


What makes Move Mountains different from other mindful leadership practices is their combination of coaching, training and adventures that they organize in the North Lake Tahoe area. Their website boasts, “[At Move Mountains], we understand that mindful leadership is a constant journey, and we know that we all have the capacity to be leaders. Through meaningful conversations and the proper alignment of Attention, Intention, and Action, and we can all rise to the challenges of the world today.”


For individuals, the emphasized skills of the Move Mountains approach are to lean into vulnerability to connect to your truest self, incorporate clear communication and listening skills to confidently ask for what you need and want, gain confidence, recognize your self-worth, and tune in and focus on the present moment; essentially setting aside distractions to tackle the task at hand.


In regard to team development, the skills used for individuals are transformed into skills for groups. Move Mountains facilitators work alongside your team to create a personalized program that your team will gain the most value from.


“Being a leader is messy,” said Founder and President Charlie White. He goes on to state that one of the things they look for in their members is an intimate community of lifetime learners.


White points out that their members are truly members of a club, and it doesn’t have to be an individual experience. In his experience, members have had those stand-alone “ah ha!” moments, however it’s through consistency and support that sustained behavioral changes are made, and that is ultimately the end goal of Move Mountains. Through a club setting, where members are comfortable with each other and have a mutual sense of vulnerability, personal growth is more sustainable.


It is the lifetime learners that do the best, as they realize that to get to sustained behavioral change, they must understand exactly what change is needed within themselves.


It is also important to point out that their services are coaching heavy, but not therapy. Old traumas won’t be necessarily discussed, but instead the conversations center around creating an intentional approach to your behaviors.


Many aspects of the coaching and service approaches of Move Mountains can be easily translated into mental health care as well. The approaches that Move Mountains take, such as being present, practicing intentional behavior, and meditation, are often practices recommended for those struggling with mental health issues.


Throughout confusion and closures that the Covid-19 pandemic presented for some businesses, Move Mountains was able to continue their business effectively.


According to White, one of the only difficulties they faced throughout the pandemic was the inability to carpool to their outdoor adventures, and that some adventures had to be changed to allow more social distancing. The coaching and training that the business offers were simply moved to online meetings instead of face-to-face, which was easy to adapt to.


For more information about mindful leadership, and White’s approach, you can stream their Move Mountains: Messy Adventures in Mindful Leadership podcast. This podcast includes conversations with inspirational leaders from various walks of life, and what it means to be a mindful leader in the modern world. Other information that will be shared on this podcast is the stories of success and failure, tips for aspiring leaders, and the exploration of the overall messiness of leadership with curiosity, humor, and growth.


For more information about Move Mountains, visit the website at: www.movemountains.com




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