By Alexis Hill | Tuesday, October 26, 2021
IVCBA, Incline Village Crystal Bay Citizen Advisory Board - November 1, 5:30p.m

Last month was the first month of the new format of the Washoe County Citizen Advisory Board (CAB)! We are so excited to have these boards back so we can engage with you on what you’d like to learn about the County’s work and receive input from you on upcoming Washoe County policies, larger developments, and community hot topics. 


November’s CAB will include two presentations. One from the County’s Community Services Department to discuss and receive input on how developers will be required to obtain community input on upcoming development - called Track 2.  


The second presentation will include a presentation by the Tahoe Prosperity Center (TPC) on the Washoe Tahoe Housing Partnership report that was just completed and funded by Washoe County, the Parasol Foundation, and the Offerdahl Foundation. This report will be the foundation of a housing action plan that Washoe County will undertake with our community partners and employers in Incline Village and Crystal Bay over the next year. Washoe County is excited to take a leadership role in this project because we understand that workforce housing is essential to keep IVCB thriving - people who work in IVCB deserve to live and contribute to the community! The action plan will give TRPA and Washoe County guidance on how much housing stock is needed and policy recommendations on how to create and incentive workforce housing. 


Hope you can make the meeting and that you will stay involved as Washoe County undertakes new exciting projects in IVCB! 


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