By Meghan Ochs | Tuesday, October 26, 2021
IVCBA, Business Resident Profile - Ron Stranger

Starting November 1st, for the first time in over 41 years, The Village Market, a local Incline staple that has operated under many names, will be no longer. The market, which for the last three decades has been operated by Ron Stanger is closing its doors. The perfect culmination of events has led to this tough but well-timed retirement decision for Ron and his wife. 


In 1980 Ron moved to Incline from The Bay, where he had been working as a school teacher, to help run 'The Village Market', as it had been known since 79'. His stepdad owned and ran the market which had just become an independent store despite it originally being a part of a chain, 'Eagle Thrify'. In 2002, Ron bought the market from him and he has been busy there ever since, procuring local meats, wines, cheeses, and other foods for consumers in Incline. 


Ron's favorite part of the business was always the wine and the people, two things that often go hand in hand. Over the years, he has found great joy in getting to know so many of his neighbors and fellow business owners through his job and their business at the market. "Incline is a really neat community. This retirement isn't exactly what I had planned but sometimes you just need to pivot and adjust to the circumstances at hand." The combination of being short-staffed, needing a new meat supplier, along with some building repairs and changes to his lease forced Ron's hand. However, as he noted, it's been a great run, and as the market has aged, Ron notes so has he. 


After living in Incline for 41 years, Ron is not only going to shut his doors on his long-time business, but also on his home here in Incline. Ron is planning to permanently move to Reno with his wife. In retirement, he plans on lots of golf, skiing, and travel, where he is guaranteed to sip on some wine from other unique locations. His job as owner and operator of the market was long hours and often quite grueling. The business was no longer fit for a single operator, but Ron's new retirement life, will not be a single man operation as he is looking forward to a lot more time with his wife together as a couple. 


By the time this article goes to print, The Market's inventory will be sold, the website will be taken down, the store fixtures will be for sale, and a new tenant will be ready to move into the space where the market has seemingly forever stood. The convenience of the Village Market, as well as the lovely events they often hosted such as tastings and local farmers markets, will be a loss for the town of Incline. Ron's kind voice and sweet demeanor will surely also be missed by many.  While Ron no longer has the time, energy, and resources to run his successful market, certainly the community of Incline hopes he finds a new vitality during his next chapter, retirement.