Welcome to IVCBA, the community and business association for Incline Village Crystal Bay! IVCBA has numerous benefits for the community. We are continuously enriching the community website as a source of local news which doubles as a platform for community collaborations and events that bring synergy and a positive identity to Incline Village/Crystal Bay. We build community by organizing events and promoting businesses and nonprofits. By joining, you are standing up for positive change and development in Incline Village/Crystal Bay.

• Communications Targeted to Incline Village Crystal Bay
Community Collaborations With Members and Partners


Mission Statement

Build and grow cohesiveness for the sustainability of Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

Organization Chart

Executive Director/Operations Manager: Linda Offerdahl  
Administrative Manager: Julie Malkin-Manning
Membership Manager: Kristen Miller
Graphic Design: Rena Angle/Anglegraphics 
Live.Work.Play Quarterly Magazine: Kathy Hess-Slocum 

Chair: Linda Offerdahl
Treasurer/Finance: Mike Young
Incline Schools: Mary Danahey
Business Representative : Blane Johnson
Community Representative: Sheila Leijon
Quarterly and Web Liaison: Kathy Hess Slocum
Communications: Lee Weber Koch

Duffield Community Liaison: Josh Palmer 
Environment: Amy Berry
Incline Village Community Hospital: Karli Epstein
IVGID: Darren Howard
Incline Village Realtors: Kendra Murray
NLTFPD: Ryan Sommers/Tia Rancourt
NTBA: Kerry Andras
Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation: Claudia Andersen/Natalie Parrish
UNR at Lake Tahoe: Dr. Jill Heaton
Tahoe Prosperity Center: Heidi Hill-Drum
Visitor Bureau/NLTRA: Andy Chapman
Washoe County commissioner:  Alexis Hill
Washoe Sheriff’s Office: Sheriff Balaam


Organize and promote local businesses, non-profit organizations, and support agencies. Foster collaboration and advocacy within key segments of our community.